Scholars Hold Mock Elections

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Scholars Hold Mock Elections

Scholars Hold Mock Elections

3/5/20 – Alliance Collins Family’s JSA chapter ran their own school-wide mock election through the Fight Apathy campaign.

Ahead of Super Tuesday, Alliance Collins Family’s Junior State of America (JSA) chapter ran their own school-wide mock election. The February 21-28, 2020 Fight Apathy campaign had JSA members visiting each advisory class to encourage, assist and inform scholars to vote for their favorite national and local candidates and bills. The campaign also asked scholars to identify their political party preference and the number one issue that influences their vote.


By Friday, February 28th, 70% of scholars had voted through a Google form ballot.

  • Political Party Preference:
    • 48% Identified as Democrats
    • 29% as independents,
    • 7% as Republicans
  • Democratic Candidate for President:
    • Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders leads with 53% of the votes, followed by Former Vice-President Joe Biden with 13%, 12% for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
  • School Board Member for Huntington Park (Board District 5)
    • Christina Martinez Duran took 77% of the votes versus 23% for current Board Member Jackie Goldberg.
  • LA County District Attorney
    • Rachel Rossi, LA Public Defender led with 46% and Jackie Lacey, the incumbent LA County District Attorney came in as a close second with 41%.
  • California Proposition 13:
    • 90% voted YES
  • #1 Issue for Determining the Next US President:
    • 32%, Immigration
    • 15%, Poverty
    • 13%, Climate Change
“I’m incredibly proud of the JSA members who led this campaign. I believe that this mock election will have a life-long impact for our scholars. They had to learn about the candidates, form an opinion and then vote. They also had to think about what issues are important to them in choosing a candidate. When they reach voting age, I know they will exercise their civic right. They will want their voices heard!” – Alliance Teacher, Kip Morales

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