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At Alliance, we’re committed to engagement with our local school communities and the families we serve. That’s why we host workshops to help parents and caregivers understand the important legislation that may directly impact their children and their communities. Alliance also provides training and support to amplify parents’ voices and help them organize to advocate on behalf of their scholars. Sign up if you’re interested in making a difference!

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We're Reimagining Alliance

The Covid-19 pandemic raised countless questions about the future of learning, teaching, work, and community health. In the spirit of transparency and open communication, Alliance is coming together to ask: What’s next for our schools? Reimagining our shared future is an enormous responsibility, one we do not take lightly. Alliance will always prioritize the academic achievement and wellbeing of our scholars, and we invite community stakeholders to join the conversation. Become a part of our long-term strategic planning process to help us Reimagine Alliance…

The Alliance Foundation

The Alliance Foundation is a hub of engaged, enthusiastic philanthropists transforming the face of public education in Los Angeles. Through the support of Alliance and its scholars, a diverse range of civic leaders and community advocates are placing equity, justice, and student achievement at the center of their giving.


Invest in Scholars, Invest in the Future

Along with a strong academic foundation and a drive to do well, access to financial resources can make all the difference in the world for our scholars. This includes money for textbooks, a quiet place to study, tutoring services, and supplies. The Alliance Foundation, through your support and partnership, helps bring equity to the classroom as our scholars navigate the path to college and beyond.

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