Planning Alliance's Next Three Years of Teaching, Learning, and Community
Our Reimagine brand logo is an abstract tree that honors Alliance's roots by incorporating legacy logo components but also pushing up towards the tree top of reimagining the future. The falling leaves reinforce the abstract tree concept and hint at a celebration confetti-like drop!
What comes next?
In the coming weeks and months, Alliance community members will have the chance to participate and share their voices through surveys, focus groups, and other ways. Sign up to receive an invitation to a focus group interview and/or join the working group helping to lead this important work!
Reimagining the future is a shared responsibility and it does not mean changing everything. Instead, it's about building on what has propelled Alliance schools to become some of the best in the country and continuing to reach towards the exceptional.
We are excited to partner on this process with Education First, a leading strategic planning firm whose equity values we share.  
We are excited to build on our proven track record of shared success and, as One Alliance, reimagine the future together! Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in Alliance's Strategic Planning process.