Our mission is to open and operate a network of small, high-performing high schools and middle schools in low-income communities in California with historically under-performing schools, that will annually demonstrate scholar academic achievement growth, and graduate scholars ready for success in college.


Our five core values build a strong school culture where Alliance principals, teachers, staff, and parents work together to prepare scholars for success in college and future careers. Alliance schools provide powerful learning experiences through interdisciplinary projects and integration of real-world applications into the classroom. Close relationships between scholars teachers and staff encourage teamwork and accountability while ensuring that no scholar slips through the cracks.

1 High Expectations for All Scholars

Our rigorous, standards-based curriculum is premised on the belief that all scholars can perform at high levels. All staff members are held accountable for scholar success and use data to appraise improvement efforts.

2 Small Personalized Learning Environments

Our scholars thrive when they develop close relationships with each other, their teachers, their counselors, and the school leaders.
3 Increased Instructional Time

Longer school year and school days adding up to 38 more school days per year than local public schools.
4 Highly Qualified Educators

Our extensive recruitment process ensures that we are hiring the right people for our communities. Once part of the Alliance community, school leaders and educators are offered extensive professional development opportunities to continue to hone their craft and meet the ever-changing needs of our scholars.
5 Parents as Partners

Parent Engagement Specialists at each school are highly involved in training and engaging parents to ensure that learning does not end with the school day.