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College Success for All Students

College-ready is in our name.  We are proud of our exemplary track record of getting nearly all Alliance students admitted to college.  Yet even the most ambitious, hard-working students in our communities will face an array of obstacles in the way of reaching the already daunting goal of college graduation. In addition to financial challenges, pioneering first generation college students face the additional challenge of social isolation or simply lacking the advice of experienced friends or family members to help navigate the college experience.
Alliance students face a unique set a of needs that extend beyond the support found in a traditional school. Alliance schools continue to support students beyond high school graduation to ensure our students not only get into to college, but thrive there and ultimately graduate as well.


Alliance Mentorship Program (AMP)

Now in its fifth year, AMP pairs more than 1,000 graduating seniors with Alliance alumni peer mentors at 12 colleges and universities across Southern California to help them confidently navigate the challenging transition after high school and first year of college. Alliance alumni in AMP have improved college matriculation and first-year persistence rates from 75% to 90%.



The Power 150™ Index

While many colleges have increased graduation rates over the last decade, the graduation gap grew by 19% between white & underrepresented minority students. College selection has the most significant impact on a student's likelihood of graduating than any other factor in their college experience.  Alliance has identified the 150 colleges with the highest minority graduation rates of 75% or higher among 4,200 U.S. colleges and universities. Armed with powerful insights from this analysis, Alliance counselors are better able to match students with the colleges and universities that will best support their post-secondary success.

Click here for more information on The Power 150™ Index



Financial Readiness

Alliance counselors and parent engagement specialists offer workshops on financial literacy, budget planning for college, FAFSA and scholarship application. In addition to identifying financial aid sources, Alliance raises and distributes nearly $500,000 in college scholarships to our graduates.