Enrollment FAQs

What is a charter school?  
A charter school is a publicly funded public school that, in accordance with state law, has been granted a charter exempting it from selected state or local rules and regulations. Charters are typically governed by a group or organization under a contract or charter with the local school district. In return for funding and autonomy, the charter school must meet accountability standards. A school's charter is reviewed (typically every 3 to 5 years) and can be revoked if guidelines on curriculum and management are not followed or the standards are not met. 

Are charter schools private schools?
No. Charter schools are open to all students, are tuition-free, participate in state tests, employ credentialed teachers and do not discriminate. 

How are charter schools funded? 
Charter schools are public schools and receive state and federal funding based on the number of students attending, just like traditional public schools.  

What is the mission of Alliance charter schools?
The mission of Alliance for College Ready Public Schools, a nonprofit charter management organization, is to open and operate a network of small high performing 9-12 and 6-8 public schools in Los Angeles, in historically underachieving, low income, overcrowded communities that significantly outperform all other public schools in preparing students for readiness to enter and succeed in college.

What's the advantage of attending an Alliance school?
All Alliance schools feature:
*a standards-based, A-G curriculum (college-prep curriculum) required for admission to the UC and Cal State University systems.
*highly qualified and fully credentialed teachers and principals
*small school environment*increased instructional time
*parents as partners

Do charter schools serve students with special needs?
Yes, all charter schools are required to serve all students who apply.  Alliance schools welcome special education students.

How many Alliance schools are in the Los Angeles area?
There are currently 6 Alliance middle schools and 14 Alliance high schools, for a total of 20 schools. One new Alliance high schools will be opening in Fall 2012, bringing the total number of Alliance schools to 21.

How do I enroll my child at an Alliance charter school?
Contact the school to request an application or complete an online application.  Visit our "Schools" section for a complete list of Alliance high schools and middle schools.

How are students selected to attend an Alliance charter school?
Students are not "selected."  Parents submit an application.  ALL students who apply are accepted unless there are more applications than there are seats available.  If there are more applications received by the published deadline, then a public random drawing is held.

What is a random public lottery?
When a charter school receives more applications than there are seats available, the school is required to hold a public random lottery to provide an equal opportunity for students to enroll. Applications are randomly drawn to determine who will be enrolled for the coming academic year. Once all available slots are filled, students are placed on a waiting list in the order the application is drawn. 

Do siblings have priority for enrollment?
Yes.  Siblings of students already attending an Alliance charter school have preference for enrollment and are not required to participate in the random public lottery.  

Do Alliance charter schools serve special education students?
Yes. Alliance College-Ready Public Schools are public charter schools open to all students in the state of California including students with special needs. If you have questions about the enrollment of your special needs child in any Alliance school please call the school or Jovan Jacobs, Alliance Director of Special Education, 213-943-4930, Extension 1019.

What types of classes are offered at Alliance charter schools?
A standards-based, A-G curriculum (college-prep curriculum) required for admission to the UC and Cal State University systems.

Do Alliance schools participate in state tests?
Yes. Each year students at Alliance charter schools take the California Standards Test (CST) which measures progress toward California's state-adopted academic content standards.  All students also take the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Click here to view performance results.

Are Alliance charter schools year-round?
No.  Alliance schools offer a single track calendar of 190 days, 10 days more than traditional schools.  The school year begins in August and ends in June.  

How many hours is my child in school?
The school day at an Alliance charter schools is 7 hours and 20 minutes; 45 minutes longer than required.  The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.  

Does my child need to wear a uniform?
Yes.  Each student enrolled at an Alliance charter school is required to wear a uniform.

Do Alliance charter schools provide transportation?
School bus transportation is not provided. However, students can receive discounts on public transportation.

If my child needs help, are tutoring services provided?
Yes. Tutoring for those students who need it is provided after school and on Saturdays.

Does my child have to go to summer school?
Summer school is offered at each Alliance school as needed for students.

Are parents required to volunteer?
We are committed to working with parents as partners in providing a high-quality learning experience for all students. Parents’ sign a Parent/Student Compact of Accountability, and are expected to volunteer up to 40 hours per year. Parents earn volunteer service credit by directly supporting the school and by attending parent education academies and school advisory council meetings.