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About Us

In 2004, the first Alliance public school opened at the corner of Western and Martin Luther King Blvd., starting with a small group of dedicated educators serving a few hundred families who wanted something better for their children.  Alliance sought to prove that an exceptional education is possible for all students, regardless of their background or zip code.
Today, Alliance is the largest charter school network in LA and larger than 75% of all school districts in California yet successfully educating 13,000 students in 25 high-performing, tuition-free high school and middle school academies.  Today we have more than 12,000 alumni, and continuing to make a difference in the lives of every one of our students. 
Alliance's founding principle of school autonomy with accountability helped build a culture that supports teacher innovation at each school and strives to understand what works to prepare students to succeed in college.  As a result, Alliance schools significantly outperform traditional public schools while still sharing a common mission and core values.
Today, Alliance supports a network of independent schools by providing operational services, resources, training, guidance, and oversight to ensure that all schools operate effectively and provide educational services that address the individual needs for every student including:
  • Facilitating the definition and support of key educational and operational parameters that are shared across schools.
  • Serving as the charter holder of record and local operator of its schools.

Our Mission

Our mission is to open and operate a network of small, high-performing high schools and middle schools in low-income communities in California with historically under-performing schools, that will annually demonstrate student academic achievement growth, and graduate students ready for success in college.

Our Core Values

Our five core values build a strong school culture where Alliance principals, teachers, staff, and parents work together to prepare students for success in college and future careers. Alliance schools provide powerful learning experiences through interdisciplinary projects and integration of real-world applications into the classroom.  Close relationships between students teachers and staff encourage teamwork and accountability while ensuring that no student slips through the cracks.
High Expectations for All Students
  • Our challenging, standards-based curriculum is premised on the belief that all students can perform at high levels.
Small Personalized Learning Environments
  • Each student is part of an advisory group of about 25 students. 
  • Our students thrive where they develop close relationships with teachers and all adults in the building.
Increased Instructional Time
  • Longer school year and school days adding up to 38 more school days per year than local public schools.
  • Uninterrupted two-hour block courses to encourage deeper focus and discovery.
Highly Qualified Educators
  • All staff is held accountable for student success and uses data to appraise improvement efforts.
  • Extensive training programs for school leaders to better support highly motivated educational innovators.
Parents as Partners
  • Parent Engagement Specialists at each school are highly involved in training and engaging parents to ensure that learning does not end with the school day.
Alliance is a charter management network of free public charter schools which does not discriminate against any student, parent, community member, or employee on the basis of actual or perceived ancestry, age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.