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Alliance is a community of families, educators, and advocates founded by longtime Los Angeles educators and community leaders who wanted to strengthen public education in our city. Motivated by their deep belief in the promise of all children and driven by a fierce commitment to social justice, they created Alliance College-Ready Public Schools.


Alliance exists and continues to grow because families choose us for the education of their children. And we must continually advocate for them and every family’s right to actively choose where their child attends school, especially given the current political landscape and constant attacks on free and open-to-all public charter schools. In addition, every Alliance school has passed a Safe School Resolution to protect immigrant scholars and their families.


At Alliance, we lift-up the voices of our community by encouraging parents to meet with elected officials to share their public charter school experience, inviting our community to show their support for renewals of our public charter schools––a process that takes place every five years––and rallying our advocacy network to oppose new laws that impact our immigrant families and to counter laws aimed at weakening public charter schools and limiting the school choices that Los Angeles families have and deserve.

Your voice and your support is so critical in making sure the needs of our scholars and families remain the central focus of our city’s public schools.

Oppose Anti-Charter Legislation

In 2019, several anti-charter bills were presented in our State Legislator that would limit access to high-performing public charter schools in California. Two of those bills are currently making their way to the Governor’s desk:

  • AB 1505: Removes academic performance as the most important factor for approval, and introduces negative financial or facilities impact on neighborhood public schools or the school district as justification in denying a charter petition. This bill also limits the appeal process options for charter public schools if their charter is rejected by their local authorizer. 
  • AB 1507: Prevents charters from temporarily locating their facility outside the authorizing school district while they search for permanent facilities.


Rally for Charter Renewals

Charter Schools are governed under the 1993 Charter School Act and must seek reauthorization every five years. In 2017, Senator Tony Mendoza introduced Senate Bill 808, better known as the “Charter School Kill Bill,” a bill supported by both UTLA and the California Teachers Association. This bill would have removed a charter school’s ability to appeal a charter petition denial and allowed charter schools to be closed for arbitrary reasons. While the bill died in January 2018, we must remain vigilant because efforts to make the renewal process more difficult will continue.



Access Immigrant Rights Resources

During these challenging times, we have empowered our scholars, families and staff with resources like the Immigrant Rights Toolkit as well as provided a list of organizations that provide support. See below for details.

Immigrant Rights Toolkit 

Recursos Para Inmigrantes

CARECEN empowers Central Americans and all immigrants by defending human and civil rights, working for social and economic justice and promoting cultural diversity. CARECEN is committed to providing high-quality, affordable immigration legal services.

2845 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90005 
Monday and Wednesday, 8:30am – 4:30pm, walk-in
(213) 385-7800
CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) 
CHIRLA is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to provide immigration legal services at low-cost to its members.
2533 West 3rd Street, Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90057
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 8am
(213) 353-1333


National Immigration Law Center

Learn more about our 2017 Immigrant Rights Fair, "Together We Dream"