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Why Join Our Team

Alliance’s is one of the most successful and largest public charter school networks. In fact, the Alliance network of schools is bigger than 75% of school districts in California and all 15 eligible Alliance high schools made the US New and World Best High Schools ranking, 14 middle and high schools are considered a Top LA School for closing the opportunity gap for LatinX and African American students.  

The expertise and passion of close to 700 educators, over 50 counselors, 28 school leaders is making a life-changing impact on our 13,000 scholars. If you too, want to change the life trajectory of scholars in traditionally underserved communities, Join our Team!

We believe in the academic potential of every scholar. We also believe that decision-making belongs at the school site. What makes us different than any other charter is that we have a decentralized model, meaning that every single one of our 28 schools has the flexibility to center their instruction on what their unique school community needs. High expectations combined with strong support and autonomy is what has driven the success of our scholars.

We are an inclusive and innovative network of schools that cares deeply about being a rewarding place for talented people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who want to be part of the movement towards education equity. We value collaboration, creative problem-solving, and an appetite for learning to grow in your craft.

We know that in order to attract the right people we need to invest in people. We have competitive salaries and a performance-based compensation program. We also provide personalized health benefits package, built from a choice of medical, dental and vision coverage plans with a fully covered monthly premium for an individual employee (up to $750/month), and generous retirement and paid-time-off benefits. We offer generous teacher and counselor/social worker salaries, as well as participation in California's State Teacher Requirement System (STRS). Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.


Alliance’s mission comes alive in our classrooms. It’s where our educators have the flexibility to tailor academic and support needs for our scholars. It’s where the dedication, care, and talents of our teachers make a difference in the lives of Alliance scholars every day. It’s where you can feel the energy and belief behind the success of a 95% graduation rate among scholars, many who come to Alliance reading on average 4 years behind grade level.

We are independent schools, authorized by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that provide classroom-based flexibility to our teachers and free them up to focus intently on what they and their scholars need to succeed. And we combine that autonomy with strong, central professional-development and coaching supports, as well as career-growth opportunities. 



Alliance’s school leaders are focused on making their school a safe and thriving center of academic excellence in their community. We provide both the flexibility and support needed to allow our school leaders to tailor their programs and staffing to the unique needs of the scholars and families they serve. That includes site-based autonomy, combined with strong professional development, coaching, and career-ladder opportunities. 

Alliance attracts school leaders who are driven by the mission of shaping the future of our scholars and opening up limitless opportunities to them through a great education. Together, we are strengthening public education in Los Angeles, leveling the education playing field and providing a quality education to 13,000 scholars each year. 



In order for our scholars to be successful, it is essential to provide schools the level of support they need. That’s where the Alliance Home Office comes in. We are a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in the support areas––Academics, Operations, Finance, Advocacy and Communications––that ensure schools operate smoothly. We are committed to providing a high level of service to our schools so that they can provide a high level of service to our scholars and families.