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Invoicing and Purchase Orders (Coupa)

Coupa Introduction - Login Here

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools is thrilled to announce our transition to the Coupa procure-to-pay system on January 22, 2018.  Coupa will help streamline and increase visibility throughout the purchasing, invoicing and payment processes.


All vendors should have received an invitation for the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).  Through Coupa, vendors can receive purchase orders (PO’s), submit invoices, and see real-time statuses of payments.  All invoices must have the PO number clearly written on it and be uploaded to Coupa against the PO. Invoices will not be processed via email unless explicitly agreed upon by the Alliance Procurement Department and the Vendor. If for some reason the PO is not updated in Coupa, please contact Alliance immediately to avoid delays in payment.


Below are descriptions of our two PO and Invoicing options, as well as our payment options.


Coupa Supplier Portal

If vendors select the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) to manage PO’s and invoices for Alliance, vendors will see all POs, invoices, and payment statuses in 1 central location online. In the CSP vendors can:

  • Add additional users across the company profile to access and manage the account.
  • Update and maintain information about the company in the company profile.
  • View all purchase orders (POs) issued by Alliance via Coupa.
  • Create OR attach invoices or credit notes directly from the POs.
  • View payment status for each invoice.

Vendors will receive a link to register after notifying Alliance of their selection. Click here to view Coupa instructional videos on how to manage a purchase order and how to submit an invoice. See the "Additional Resources" section below to see more instructions.


Coupa Email

The Coupa Email option sends PO’s directly to an email inbox. Upon receipt of the Coupa Email, vendors can:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the PO.
  • Create OR attach an invoice directly from the PO.
  • Add comments to the PO.

For a video on how to submit your invoice using the Coupa email, please visit the Coupa Success Portal. Please note: Coupa may refer to Coupa Email as “Supplier Actionable Notification” in their materials.


Vendor Payments

As of July 2018, Alliance manages all Payments through a 3rd party payment system called NVoicepay.  Vendors can receive payment via bank direct deposit, check or through a credit card. Each vendor’s first payment will be via check with instructions on how to sign up for the other automated payment options.  To sign up, please complete this form. Please note all payments will default to Credit Card if that section of the form is populated.

Full payment for all warranted charges appearing on invoices shall be made within thirty (30) days from Alliance’s receipt of the invoice unless explicitly agreed upon by the Vendor and Alliance.

Consultant Travel

See the "Additional Resources" section for details around expense policies and documentation requirements as we ask our consultants to abide by the the rules that apply to employees. 


Additional Resources

If you have any questions, please email