Invoicing and Purchase Orders (Coupa)

Procurement Overview

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools began using the Coupa procure-to-pay system on January 22, 2018.  Coupa will help streamline and increase visibility throughout the purchasing, invoicing and payment processes. A few things you need to know in our work together:

  1. Our payment terms are net 30 days from the day Alliance receives the invoice in Coupa.

  2. Please register for the Coupa Supplier portal using the invitation sent in a separate email. Coupa is completely free for our vendors to use. Please contact us if you need us to send another invitation.
  3. All invoices must be submitted through Coupa against a PO. A PO is our formal documentation that the work is approved. We encourage you to wait for a PO to start any one-off services or deliver goods (e.g catering, busses for field trips, etc). Invoices cannot be processed via email. 

  4. By fully adopting Coupa, you will get paid faster and have visibility into payment status. Here is a short video overview of Procurement Process. Click here for an instructional video on how to create an invoice in the Coupa Supplier Portal. 0:53 seconds of this video shows you how to edit your invoice amount and descriptions


Invoice Naming Convention:
The description of all invoices entered in Coupa should follow the naming conventions below. Weekly or monthly invoicing practices should follow your agreed-upon contracted terms.
Weekly or bi-weekly Invoices
We need the dates & description of the service type. ex: 4/2-4/7/20- Special Ed Services, 4/2-4/7/20 Substitute Services, 5/16-5/31/20 Security Services
Monthly Invoices
We need month name & description of the service type. ex: August 2019 Special Ed Services, September 2019 Substitute Services, October 2019 Security Services, June 2020 Food Services
Invoice for a one time service
We need the date & description of the service type. ex: 10/15/19 Bus to California Science Center, 4/13/20 Catering for Meeting
Missing PO Process
If you do not have a PO please follow the process below:
1. Send an email to [email protected] and CC the School Operations Manager. 
2. Subject should read: "Missing PO - School Name - Company Name"
3. Body should read: "We began/ plan to begin [INSERT SERVICE TYPE] on [MM/DD/YYYY] and still do not have a PO for [INSERT SCHOOL NAME]. Please provide a PO as soon as possible.

Please allow 2-3 business days for a PO to be created.


Vendor Payments

As of July 2018, Alliance manages all Payments through a 3rd party payment system called NVoicepay.  Vendors can receive payment via bank direct deposit, check or through a credit card. Each vendor’s first payment will be via check with instructions on how to sign up for the other automated payment options.  To sign up, please complete this form. Please note all payments will default to Credit Card if that section of the form is populated.

Full payment for all warranted charges appearing on invoices shall be made within thirty (30) days from Alliance’s receipt of the invoice unless explicitly agreed upon by the Vendor and Alliance.

Consultant Travel

See the "Additional Resources" section for details around expense policies and documentation requirements as we ask our consultants to abide by the the rules that apply to employees. 


Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with us is via email. When you send an email, it creates a ticket for us in our customer service portal. We usually reply within 24 hours.

Reach out to [email protected] for all purchasing and Coupa questions.

Reach out [email protected] for any payment or invoice inquiries.