College Success for All Scholars

Since Alliance’s founding, 95% of our scholars have graduated from high school, with nearly all accepted to a two or four-year college. While Alliance graduates are accepted to college at rates that outpace local and national averages for scholars with similar demographics, we have been disheartened to learn that a significant number are not continuing on to earn a college degree. We have also learned this is not unique to Alliance scholars, but reflects a pattern for students across the nation.

As we enter our second decade of operating high-performing public schools, we have set a new audacious goal: 75% of Alliance alumni will graduate from a four-year college. 
Charting a Successful Journey to College Completion

The first step in our scholars' successful college journey is applying to and then attending a college that matches their academic achievements––also known as college matching. Alliance has sought solutions to help identify the best schools for supporting our scholars, and has put programs in place to encourage, inform, and match our scholars to the most selective colleges for which they’re eligible.
The Power 150® Index is key to our college-success initiatives. Alliance has identified the U.S. colleges and universities with a graduation rate of 75% or higher for underrepresented minorities. Armed with powerful insights from this analysis, counselors are better able to match Alliance scholars with the colleges and universities that will support them to college completion.



Alliance Mentorship Program (AMP)

An additional and crucial piece of attaining college completion is the Alliance Mentorship Program (AMP). A peer-based solution that empowers our alumni to help one another. AMP has grown from 34 mentees to nearly 1,000 mentees. Alliance alumni mentor at 14 colleges and universities across Southern California to help college freshman confidently navigate the challenging transition after high school. Alliance alumni mentors in AMP have improved college matriculation and first-year persistence rates. Read our in-depth Alliance Mentorship Program Report here



The Power 150® Index

While many colleges have increased graduation rates over the last decade, the graduation gap grew  between white & underrepresented minority students. College selection has the most significant impact on a student's likelihood of graduating than any other factor in their college experience.  Alliance has identified the 150 colleges with the highest minority graduation rates of 75% or higher among 4,200 U.S. colleges and universities. Armed with powerful insights from this analysis, Alliance counselors are better able to match students with the colleges and universities that will best support their post-secondary success.

Click here to see the full list of colleges that made it to The Power 150® Index



Financial Readiness

Alliance counselors and parent engagement specialists offer workshops on financial literacy, budget planning for college, FAFSA and scholarship application. In addition to identifying financial aid sources, Alliance raises and distributes nearly $500,000 in college scholarships to our graduates.