The Power 150® Index

Charting a Successful Journey to College Completion


The first step in our scholars' successful college journey is applying to and then attending a college that matches their academic achievements––also known as college matching. Alliance has sought solutions to help identify the best schools for supporting our scholars, and has put programs in place to encourage, inform, and match our scholars to the most selective colleges for which they’re eligible.

The Power 150® Index is key to our college-success initiatives. Alliance has identified the U.S. colleges and universities with a graduation rate of 75% or higher for underrepresented minorities. Armed with powerful insights from this analysis, counselors are better able to match Alliance scholars with the colleges and universities that will support them to college completion.





American University


Hamilton College


The New England Conservatory of Music


Amherst College


Harvard University


Trinity College


Babson College


Harvey Mudd College


Trinity University


Barnard College


Haverford College


Tufts University


Bates College


Hobart William Smith Colleges


Union College


Beloit College


James Madison University


University of California, Berkeley


Bentley University


Johns Hopkins University


University of California, Davis


Boston College


Kenyon College


University of CaliforniaIrvine


Boston University


Lafayette College


University of CaliforniaLos Angeles


Bowdoin College


Lehigh University


University of California, San Diego


Brandeis University


Loyola Marymount University


University of CaliforniaSanta Barbara


Brown University


Macalester College


University of Chicago


Bryant University


Marist College


University of Delaware


Bryn Mawr College


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University of Florida


Bucknell University


Miami University


University of Georgia


California Institute of Technology


Middlebury College


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Carleton College


Minneapolis College of Art and Design


University of Mary Washington


Carnegie Mellon University


Mount Holyoke College


University of Maryland, College Park


Chapman University


Muhlenberg College


University of Miami


Claremont McKenna College


New York University


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Clark University


Northwestern University


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Colby College


Oberlin College


University of Notre Dame


Colgate University


Occidental College


University of Pennsylvania


College of the Holy Cross


Ohio State University


University of Pittsburgh


College of William and Mary


Pepperdine University


University of Redlands


Colorado College


Pitzer College


University of Richmond


Colorado School of Mines


Pomona College


University of San Diego


Columbia University (NY)


Princeton University


University of Scranton


Connecticut College


Providence College


University of Southern California


Cooper Union 


Quinnipiac University


University of Vermont


Cornell University


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


University of Virginia


Dartmouth College


Rhode Island School of Design


University of Washington


Davidson College


Rhodes College


Vanderbilt University


Dickinson College


Rice University


Vassar College


Duke University


Saint Johns University


Villanova University


Elon University


Saint Michael's College


Virginia Polytechnic Institute 


Emerson College


Santa Clara University


Wake Forest University


Emory University


Sarah Lawrence College


Washington and Lee University


Fairfield University


Scripps College


Washington University (MO)


Flagler College (FL)


Seattle University


Wellesley College


Florida State University


Skidmore College


Wesleyan University


Franklin and Marshall College


Smith College


Wheaton College (IL)


Furman University


Southern Methodist University


Wheaton College (MA)


George Washington University


Spelman College


Whitman College


Georgetown University


Stanford University


Willamette University


Georgia Institute of Technology


SUNY at Binghamton 


Williams College


Gettysburg College


Swarthmore College


Wofford College


Gonzaga University


Syracuse University


Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Grinnell College


The College of New Jersey


Yale University


American University


The Juilliard School