The Alliance Experience for Educator

The Alliance Experience for Educator


As an educator in an Alliance school, you have the opportunity to inspire transformational change for scholars and their communities, while building lifelong, meaningful relationships. Teachers, counselors, psychologists, and social workers transform their craft through meaningful professional development and leadership coaching. 

The Strongest Candidates 
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop a positive, achievement-oriented, supportive, and collaborative culture of high expectations that motivates and inspires scholars to learn at college-preparatory levels.
  • Know how to use data, technology and innovative teaching methods to drive classroom learning and prepare all scholars to succeed in college and beyond.
  • Thrive in an environment of high expectations and collaboration to grow and hone their craft.
  • Have a relentless belief that all scholars, regardless of their economic or social circumstances, deserve a quality education and can earn a four-year college degree. 
  • Desire to be a part of Alliance’s social justice mission and teach in L.A. communities in need of strong public schools.
  • Possess strong academic content expertise, instructional and classroom management skills, as well as content area expertise and a deep knowledge of effective evaluation and assessment techniques to drive scholar learning.
  • Have strong interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills with both children and adults.
  • Be open to feedback, eager to develop professionally, and have an entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in a fast-paced and achievement-oriented environment.
The Alliance Difference
  • Professional Development

    • Substantial school-based and network-wide professional development support for teachers, including two weeks of professional development for new hires that introduces the Alliance culture and builds classroom management and instructional planning skills.
    • Reimbursable Teacher Induction program fees to clear General Education/Education Specialist preliminary credential.
    • Leadership opportunities in the classroom, with scholar extracurricular activities, and through school and network-wide teacher councils. Professional growth opportunities through our Teacher Leader Cadre program, Instructional Lead/Department Chair roles, and pathways to school administration.
  • Resources

    • We provide teachers with resources such as curriculum maps, a repository of instructional materials and videos, interim assessments and item banks, one-on-one teacher coaching, weekly professional development, and freedom to innovate. Teachers are able to focus on the individual needs of scholars due to small class sizes and ancillary resources, including English Learner and special education interventions, counselors, and instructional assistants.
  • Recognition

    • Teacher of the Year awards provide special recognition and compensation to teachers who demonstrate their dedication inside and beyond the classroom, as well as their exceptional ability to engage scholars and activate their excitement for education.
    • Our schools have been recognized among the best in the state and nation by U.S. News & World Report, Innovate Public Schools, the California Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Teacher Voice

    • The School Site Advisory Council (SSAC) at each Alliance school provides a platform for teachers to participate in the decision-making process at their school, along with the principal, scholars, staff, families, and community members. The SSAC also provides recommendations to the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools Governing Board of Directors.
    • We aspire to have 75% or more of our scholars complete a four-year college degree. To attain this goal, we provide teachers with the autonomy to adjust their practices to best meet the individual needs of their scholars.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    • The Alliance schools network is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. About two-thirds of our teachers and administrators identify as people of color. We believe in the importance of diverse role models for our scholars and the rich cultures of the families and communities we support.


Keith Kirchner


Krystal Torrez

English Language Coordinator

Edward Kang


Teresia Childs


Hanz Legaspi



Special Education and English Learners


  • The starting salary for Alliance teachers is based on years of prior credentialed teacher experience. Alliance’s performance-based compensation system focuses on rewarding teachers for what matters most—making the biggest impact on scholar achievement—and allows teachers to earn higher salaries faster than the local district.
  • Medical, dental, and vision are covered at 100% of monthly premiums for individual employees and at least $1,000 per month toward family plan premiums. 
  • Teachers participate in the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) with an expected 2020-21 Alliance match of 18.4%.
  • Educators are provided five weeks of paid leave during school breaks, plus sick leave that accrues at one day per month.
  • Alliance supports out-of-state teachers with relocation fees to Los Angeles.
  • Additional resources include LifeMart discounts and savings through ADP. Summer Savings Resources through SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. Employee Assistance Program Resources through Unum.
  • $100 reimbursement for classroom supplies. 
  • All Teachers must have the ability to obtain a valid California Teaching Credential in the assigned subject area(s) and English Learner authorization (e.g., CLAD, BCLAD).
  • All School Psychologists and Counselors must have a Master’s degree in a relevant field and possess a valid California Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPS) with proper authorization.
  • Live Scan for Alliance and Commission (certificated staff)
  • TB Test
Credential Resources
Application Process - Hiring timeline varies by school and open positions, but principals will reach out to applicants they wish to consider on a rolling basis as positions open up.
  • Where are your schools located?

    • You may view all of our school locations here.
  • Do I need a credential to work at a charter school?

    • Yes. Teachers must have the ability to obtain a valid California Teaching Credential in the assigned subject area(s) and a valid English Learner authorization (e.g., CLAD, BCLAD) by August 1, 2020.
    • Applicants who will hold any of the following credentials by August 1, 2020, are welcome to apply:
      • California Single or Multiple Subject Credential (Clear or Preliminary)
      • California University Internship Credential Eligible
      • California Credential in Progress
      • Non-California Credential Transferring to California (i.e., from other U.S. states)
    • Please find more information about credentialing support here.
  • Can I negotiate my salary?

    • In an effort to be equitable and transparent, the salary of teachers new to Alliance is based on years of prior credentialed teaching experience (note: a full year counts as long as you’ve served as a credentialed teacher for 80% of the school year). Please view Alliance’s salary scale for more information.
  • What does my salary look like after my first year of teaching at Alliance College-Ready Public Schools?

    • We have a salary schedule for our returning teachers after their first year with an Alliance school. Teachers are evaluated throughout the year and, based on their performance, their salary will be adjusted. In order to qualify for the performance-based pay, employees need to serve at least 80% of the year.  
  • Can I apply for the Alliance school of my choice or is it assigned?

    • It depends. You may be hired directly to an individual school role or you may be hired generally in your subject area, in which case our staff will help you find the best match among our schools with open positions. 
  • What if I don’t hear from someone about my candidacy?

    • We will contact you if you’re the right fit for our schools and we have openings aligned to your qualifications. If you don’t hear from us right away, we might reach out later because our needs are constantly changing. 
  • What are the required documents for employment and when must they be completed?

    • Sign the offer letter within three days of receiving it (an extension can be provided as needed)
    • Live Scan fingerprinting should be completed as soon as possible to ensure the report comes back to our team promptly. Staff and educators may not begin their employment with Alliance without a completed and cleared Live Scan.
    • TB exams must have been completed within two months of your scheduled start date. Otherwise, you will need to complete a new TB exam prior to your start date.
  • My TB was taken last year, do I need to get another one done?

    • Yes. It’s policy that Alliance new hires submit a TB exam completed in the last two months prior to their scheduled start date. TB exams that are more than two months old are not valid. 

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