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Our aspiration is to be a network of high-performing public charter schools that delivers a world-class educational experience for our scholars and is one of education’s best places to work. Our ultimate goal is that 75% or more of our scholars graduate from a four-year college or university. To achieve these aspirations, we focus on the following organizational goals:
Academic Achievement
Become a top-tier academic performer in California and nationally.

Best Place to Work
Be a learning community where each of us finds joy and meaning in our work, where voices matter, are heard and are responded to.

Culture of Excellence
Establish a strategic mindset that fosters a culture of innovation, best practice sharing, knowledge management and advocacy to ensure Alliance’s sustainability.


We Exist to Achieve Educational Equity
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools was founded 15 years ago on the belief that all children, regardless of ZIP code, are capable of achieving at high levels. Alliance is one of the largest and most successful nonprofit public charter school networks in the nation, operating 28 high-performing, tuition-free, open-enrollment middle and high schools in Los Angeles communities that are systemically oppressed. 
We Are Driven to Prove that All Scholars Can be College-Ready
At Alliance, when we say that all scholars can learn and achieve, we mean all. Alliance has a proven record of success for our 13,000 scholars and 14,000 alumni. Though our scholars come to Alliance on average four grade levels behind in reading, they outperform California state and local districts on standardized testing in math and English Language Arts. Ninety-five percent of Alliance alumni have graduated from high school and been accepted to college, 73% to a four-year university. 
We Strive to Continuously Evolve Our Support of College-Going Scholars
Alliance focuses on innovation, collaboration, autonomy, data-driven decisions, and diversity to best meet the needs of all scholars. We believe that in order for scholars to reach their fullest potential––academically and emotionally–– our staff must be provided with the resources and culture to reach their fullest potential. 
We Advocate for the Rights of Our Scholars & Communities
Members of the Alliance network are change agents. Families, scholars, alumni, and staff meet regularly with elected officials and policy makers, and testify at school boards, city council, state, and federal legislature.

Our Scholars & Schools in numbers

13,000 Scholars
14,000 Alumni
97% Latino or African American
93% Free & Reduced Meal Program
18 High Schools
85% First in their Family to Attend College
12% Special Needs
12% English Language Learners
4 The average number of years behind in reading when entering an Alliance school
10 Middle Schools

Meet your colleagues

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xx% of Color
xxx Education
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Academic Results

caasp: state exams: % of High Schoolers who met or exceeded standards
Spring 2019
41% Mathematics
Lausd: 25% State: 32%
69% English Language Arts
Lausd: 52% State: 57%
Spring 2019
xx% Mathematics
Lausd: xx% State: xx%
xx% English Language Arts
Lausd: xx% State: xx%
Spring 2018
xx% Mathematics
Lausd: xx% State: xx%
xx% English Language Arts
Lausd: xx% State: xx%

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