All Students Have Dreams - Celebrating Black History

Kelly Miller (July 18, 1863 – December 29, 1939) was an African-American mathematician, author, sociologist, newspaper columnist and essayist. He was also the sixth of ten children born to Elizabeth Miller and Kelly Miller Sr. His mother was a former slave and his father was a freed black man.

He was the first African American to attend Johns Hopkins University, studying mathematics, physics and astronomy. He graduated from Howard University School of Law in 1903.  He was also a prolific writer of articles and essays which were published in major newspapers and magazines, and several books, including Out of the House of Bondage.

Trailblazers like Kelly Miller inspire students to be everything they want to be. Miller’s tenacity to overcome difficult barriers serves as inspiration to all students to follow their dreams. One way Alliance counselors help students reach their full potential is by using POWER 150™ to find the right college match.