12,500 Students and Families are Back to School!

Since 2004, Alliance schools have been providing quality education to families in LA's most underserved neighborhoods. Alliance students are 98% African American or Latino, 94% qualify for the Free/Reduced Meal Program, and incoming students are on average 4 grade levels behind in reading.
Despite the challenges they face, Alliance students consistently outperform neighboring school, LAUSD and California school averages:
  • 48% higher in reading and 82% higher in math than students at neighboring schools and higher than LAUSD averages on the more rigorous 2015 CAASP state exam
  • 95% of Alliance students graduate high school in four years and 95% of Alliance scholars are accepted college
“Alliance schools have been recognized as among the best in the nation and for closing the achievement gap in LA. This year we are focusing on helping our scholars not only get into, but thrive in and graduate from college as part of our social justice mission at Alliance," says CEO & President Dan Katzir, "We are expanding alumni mentorships and doubling our counselor and student supports for the college match process to continue increasing the number of our graduates at the Power 150, which are the colleges and universities that have the highest completion rates for low-income students of color."
In 2015, 14 Alliance High Schools were recognized among the best in the nation by US News and World Report and three were ranked in the Top 10 schools closing the achievement gap in Los Angeles by the Education Equality IndexAlliance is at the forefront of education innovation and uses blended learning techniques to help students learn at their own pace through highly personalized programs.
"Alliance schools are kicking off the next decade of transformative education by pushing for higher college persistence and completion rates, top quartile performance in the state for English Language Arts (ELA) and math standards and increasing the positive, transformative impact of Alliance schools in the communities they serve," added Katzir. "Through hard work, high expectations, and a culture of caring and support for every staff member at Alliance, we are already making strong progress towards our ambitious goals. Alliance schools will continue to tailor instruction to meet individual student needs while leading educational excellence and innovation by sharing best practices with other public schools across the city and the nation."