Beijing Public Education Leaders Visit Alliance to Learn K-12 Best Practices

On Tuesday, educators from Alliance College-Ready Public Schools hosted a delegation of K-12 public school leaders from Beijing. The Chinese government delegation came to Los Angeles to learn more about how the city’s largest charter school network successfully provides world-class education to more than 12,000 students. During the discussions, best practices were shared from Alliance’s 27 schools, which consistently outperform neighboring schools by using the latest technology and innovative classroom practices.  Principal Bobby Carr presented Alliance Alice M. Baxter College-Ready High School's PACE framework innovation and Teacher Kate Wintermute shared her experiences and signature practices in successful blended learning.

“We came to meet with the Alliance community to learn more about the strategies, curriculum design, new technologies, and teaching practices that are clearly producing fantastic results for students in the United States,” said Mark Yang of Triway International Group, the organizer of the Chinese visit.  “Our educators share your passion to ensure all students have the best learning environments that will prepare them for future success”.

What was the biggest stunner for the education leaders from Beijing?

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