LA School Board Votes YES!

12,000 Alliance families celebrate today as the Board of Education at the LA Unified School District has voted to renew six Alliance school charters, in recognition of their academic success!

In preparation for this day, the Alliance community mobilized to show its collective voice in support of their schools.  More than 3,500 parents, students and teachers delivered letters to the Board and hundreds of families came to the board meeting to show their support for their Alliance schools in central and south LA.  The outcome of today's meeting has a huge impact on communities where six Alliance schools are located as they serve more than 2,600 students.  

Needless to say, thousands of Los Angeles students and their families are extremely pleased that the LAUSD Board agrees with them that Alliance schools are providing their children with a world-class education.

For 11 years, Alliance schools have been helping to prepare students for college success.  Today, through the hard work of 12,000 students and their school communities, 91% of Alliance students graduate from high school in four years and 99% are accepted to college.  Our entire community of teachers, parents, students and staff should be extremely proud of these results, as well as LAUSD's acknowledgement of this success today!

Please share this great news with others who support world-class education for all students!  You can see more images of students, families and teachers showing their support on TwitterFacebook and Instagram @AllianceCRPS!  #IChooseAlliance