Three Alliance charter high schools receive top student achievement awards

Academic excellence at Alliance’s Dr. Olga Mohan High School, Gertz-Ressler High School and William and Carol Ouchi High School has been recognized by a national organization that honors schools that “elevate urban achievement beyond ordinary to extraordinary.”

New Leaders for New Schools/EPIC awarded a 2010 Gold Gain award to Dr. Olga Mohan High School because of its impressive improvement in student achievement. The organization also awarded 2010 Silver Gain awards to Gertz-Ressler and Ouchi High.

Teachers and administrators of both schools will receive monetary awards for their exceptional student academic achievement gains and are expected to share the strategies that led to the stellar achievement by their students. The awards are based on student gains from eighth grade to the state high school exam.

“The Alliance has been making huge gains in student achievement, and these awards validate our strategic approach to offering a rigorous curriculum and preparing our students for college,” says President and CEO Judy Burton.

All three Alliance high schools received 2009 California Distinguished School Awards and rank in the top 13 public high schools in LAUSD.

“These states and charter schools are fantastic examples of strong direction and sound strategies leading to the implementation of innovative and effective practices that positively impact student achievement,” said Jon Shnur, co-founder and chief executive officer of New Leaders for New Schools. “The student gains realized in these schools prove that effective institutions can and do have a dramatic impact on student achievement no matter their students’ backgrounds or prior schooling.”