Why Choose Alliance Tenn Tech?

Earn College Credit Before Graduating

Through collaborations with premier colleges, our scholars achieve an unparalleled advantage, earning college credits during their high school journey.

First-Class Sports Facilities

Our scholars enjoy high-quality facilities for football, swimming and more, creating an atmosphere of fun and friendly competition.

Tech-Forward Curriculum

Each student receives a personal device, and courses emphasizing math, science, and technology prepare scholars for a digitalized future.

College Support And Skill Development

From college counseling to hands-on training in areas like barbershop and cosmetology, we ensure students are well-equipped for their next step.

Nationally Recognized Excellence

Consistently ranked among the top 10% of high schools in the nation, we pride ourselves on setting and achieving high standards.

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Hear From Our Students And Staff Directly

Meet Estivaly Zelaya, a first-generation student with a passion for music, as she begins her journey at our Alliance High School. Discover her experience at the scholar orientation and explore the diverse opportunities that Alliance offers.

Meet Lamar Bass, a proud member of the first graduating class at Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School, who now contributes to his alma mater as the Business Manager. Learn about how he helps cultivate the school’s culture and heart, fostering a sense of belonging – a mission shared by his wife, who also works at the school.

Alliance Students Are Prepared For
College And Equipped For Life.

We are currently accepting applications
for grades 6-12 at 26 schools.

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